GALMAXS7 Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Grey Leopard Print Satin Pillowcase Envelope Pillowcase Standard Size Set of 2 Soft and Cozy Pillowcase Satin for Women



Beautiful and practical satin pillowcase

High-quality materials
Comfortable skin-friendly and breathable, very comfortable to touch.Lightweight and durable, suitable for all seasons. The breathable material will keep you from overheating at night.

Excellent workmanship
Our workers regard each Pillowcase as their own child and make every product with heart. They have rich experience and serious and responsible working attitude. They will complete each product carefully and carefully like carving crafts.

Strict quality inspection
Before the products leave the factory, we will conduct two strict inspections on the products, and our quality inspection personnel are professional and responsible. Once the quality problem is found, we will deal with it in time. You can buy our products with confidence

Reliable After-sales Service
If you meet any issue about the Pillowcases, please write back, we provide 30-day replacement/refund service. If you have any problems, we will provide you with the best solution.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Satin Pillowcases set of 2. Standard size 20×26. Made from 100% Polyester. More sturdy and durable than traditional silk pillowcases. We bring to you the comfort of luxury without the cost. Accessorize your luxury cabin with luxury pillowcase satin. Satin has been proven over the years to be the best of the best materials for the best quality of sleep consistently. Satin standard pillowcase if you want quality sleep.
BEAUTY SLEEP: Not only is this material hypoallergenic, it also prevents skin irritation. The smooth texture minimizes hair tugging and skin friction. Over time the reduced friction against the skin will also reduce skin lines and ultimately reduce wrinkles to maintain your natural beauty.
NO MORNING HAIR: Satin technology for our pillowcases standard size allows for breathability and air flow throughout your hair, head, and neck during the night. Satin silk pillowcase leads to cool, silky, smooth, and mess free morning hair! No frizz! Silk pillowcase standard size are ideal for both men and women who have curly hair – the ultimate satin pillowcase for curly hair!
SIMPLE AND EASY: No more worrying about the zipper pressed against your face and neck. No more worrying about discomfort caused by the zipper. Our zipper-free pillowcase envelope closure design keeps the pillow case secure around the pillow. Easy to clean silk satin pillowcase set of 2 for hair and skin. Easy to slip pillow case. Also, Satin pillowcase 2 pack easy to remove for washing and put on – designed with the user in mind!
TOP NOTCH QUALITY: satin pillowcase set of 2 stand up to the toughest washers. Even after several washes, the color and feel will not change from the first day. Also, Super easy to remove for washing and put on. teal pillowcase and gery leopard pillowcases are available.


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