PureTree Organic Contour Latex PIllow – USDA Certified organic latex with 100% Organic Cotton Cover



Sleep on PureTree Pillows made from trees! PureTree organic natural latex bed pillows are made from Para rubber tree sap and certified organic by USDa and GOLS, and liner covers are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, so you can sleep with a peace of mind. The shape of PureTree contour pillows conform with the natural arch of the neck and head, to provide support to the neck while cradling the head to provide a pressure relieving sleep. PureTree organic latex pillows are made via dunlop process to give the pillows more substance yet with soft and comfortable resiliency and recovery. PureTree pillows feature medium loft and medium firmness (Ranges from D35 to D45 Density), perfect for side and back sleepers. PureTree’s mission is to bring customers the best quality products made from materials that are clean, safe, and comfortable.

100% Organic Cotton
PureTree organic natural latex contour bed pillow is certified organic by USDA and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), a standard set by Conrol Union Certifications that adheres to the highest standards, so you can sleep with a peace of mind. Organic natural latex is harvested via tapping from Para Rubber Trees in Southeast Asia similar to how maple syrup are tapped from maple trees. Organic natural latex has a natural latex smell which dissipates over time.
PureTree organic latex pillow is enclosed in a 100% GOTS certified organic cotton zippered liner for a smoother surface for your pillowcase encasement.
The contour shape bed pillows are designed to conform to the natural curvature of neck and head. Organic latex has a resiliency similar to memory foam that is soft and molds to the shape of the body while providing the support for the head and neck. Organic latex bed pillows are also very durable and doesn’t go flat the way poly-fill, cotton, and feathers do.
PureTree organic latex bed pillows are constructed with many pinholes throughtout the pillows to allow ventilation and air flow to prevent trapping of heat for comfortable sleeping.
PureTree organic latex pillows are made with highest quality materials and feature medium firmness with medium loft. Measurements:24″x16″x4″/5″


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