MR&HM Satin Body Pillow Cover 20×54 inches, Silky Slip Body Pillow Pillowcases No Zipper, Long Pillow Protector Covers with Envelope Closure for Adults Pregnant Woman (Black)



Product Description


In 1998, a small garage, MR&HM first handmade bedding product.

Up to now, MR&HM has more than 20 years of experience in the bedding. We are professional in helping customers get a perfect sleep at night.


Affordable Luxury

MR&HM satin is an affordable luxury. We take pride in bringing you luxury items with good value. MR&HM satin series will keep its own good appearance and qualified sleep overnight and make it be a good decoration for your bedroom.


Goodbye To Messy Morning Hair

Regular pillowcases tug at your hair as you move in your sleep. This friction causes breakage, frizz, and messy morning hair.

MR&HM satin pillowcase does not tug at your hair allowing you to wake up with hair that is still smooth and shiny.


Stay Looking Young

Regular pillowcases tug and pull at your skin as you sleep, creating sleep lines which can develop into fine lines and deep wrinkles over time.

Regular pillowcases also absorb the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry.

MR&HM silk satin pillowcases let you move freely in your sleep with no tugging and pulling.

This allows you to experience fewer sleep lines and less wrinkles as time progresses.

Additionally, satin pillowcases do not absorb your skin’s moisture so you will wake up radiant and fresh!


Sleep Comfortably

MR&HM pillowcases are designed to provide you with comfortable sleep in several ways.

The silk satin pillowcase features an envelope closure design.

Your pillow will be held securely inside the satin pillowcase, and there are no zippers to poke at you while you sleep.

Satin pillowcases are naturally cooler to the touch, and they remain cooler as you sleep.

This makes them an excellent option for people who run warm, or for use in the warmer months.

【Goodbye To Messy Morning Hair】With our satin pillowcases for hair, you can rest easy knowing your hair will be soft & smooth upon waking in the morning. The silk satin pillow case allows your hair to remain frizz and tangle free and reduces hair breakage.
【Enhance Your Beauty Sleep】Sleeping on our hypoallergenic non-irritating satin pillowcase can help your skin, too. With less friction tugging at your skin as you sleep, you will experience fewer sleep lines which can equal fewer wrinkles over time.
【Zipper Free】No zipper closures poking you in the face as you sleep. MR&HM satin pillowcases are made without a zipper closure, instead using an envelope closure design. The silky pillowcase holds your pillow securely in place while you rest.
【Comfortable Sleep】Satin fabric is an excellent option for comfortable sleep. The silky fibers are great for temperature regulation. This keeps our satin pillowcase cooler while you are sleeping, allowing you to get a good night’s rest.
【Affordable Luxury】Compared with silk pillowcase, satin fabric is more durable. MR&HM satin pillow cases are high quality and extravagant, which are luxury at an affordable price.


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