AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Protector Cover Pillow Case – 21 x 55 Inches, Body Pillow



An Amazon Brand.

Body-size hypoallergenic complete-coverage pillow protector in white combines ultimate sleeping comfort with maximum protection against bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens—no need to choose protection over comfort
Made of 100% breathable cotton with a super-tight weave for the ultimate shield against allergens and a consistently cool, soft, and comfortable sleeping surface—a great alternative to allergen barriers with waterproof, non-breathable, vinyl-like linings that can be hot, noisy, and uncomfortable
Fully zipped for complete protection and full pillow coverage (unlike partially covered pillow protectors); ensures a reliable and comprehensive defense against allergens—sleep easy with pillow protection from every angle
Zipper positioned slightly offset from the edge to ensure smooth zipping without snagging the edge of a pillow inside; extra layer of fabric sewn into pillow protector, just behind the zipper, closes all gaps for ultimate pillow protection
Measures 21 by 55 inches; machine wash and tumble dry on low heat; do not dry-clean
Note: the extra layer of fabric promotes enhanced performance and is intended to remain partially sewn in place when opening and using the pillow protector


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